Apro Firefox Ultimate Optimizer 1.0: Make Firefox even better & faster while reducing memory requirements!

Apro Firefox Ultimate Optimizer 1.0

Firefox user. Firefox is great, but with FireFox Ultimate Optimizer it’s awesome. Gone are the days when Firefox consumes huge amounts of memory, acts sluggish and totally crashes out. This Firefox tool is not a plugin, but a stand alone application that will optimize Firefox in real time! It Keeps the resource usage very low. For example I had Firefox using 150megs of ram while running, I started up this utility and almost instantly Firefox was

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Firemin Firemin will eliminate most memory leaks in Firefox.


Enter Rizone Firemin (Formerly Firefox Plumber); simply put; it will eliminate most memory leaks in Firefox. All we did was tweaked our memory optimization engine a little and applied it to Firefox and most memory leaks was gone. To use Firemin; you will need to unzip firemin.zip and double click on Firemin.exe and let it babysit Firefox. You expected it to be more complicated, we are truly sorry to disappoint you.

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SwiftSpywareRemoval 1.5: powerful, fast, multi-platform program that protects a mature and secure browser

SwiftSpywareRemoval 1.5

Swift Spyware Removal is a powerful, fast, multi-platform program that protects a mature and secure browser. Swift Spyware Removal is a powerful anti-spyware program, which protects Mozilla Firefox from dangerous spyware`s, and harmful cookies.

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Thoosje Quick XP Optimizer  2.02: Optimize Windows XP with Thoosje Quick XP Optimizer in seconds

Thoosje Quick XP Optimizer 2.02

Optimize Windows XP - This optimizer allows you to optimize Windows XP in an simple, effective and secure way. After installing Thoosje Quick XP Optimizer your OS System runs faster, applications will load quicker and run smoother, plus browsing of your files and the Internet will speed up. This program is completely safe and optimizes your Windows XP system without you having the need of having personal knowledge registry and system settings.

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App Optimizer A handy and reliable optimizer utility.

App Optimizer

App Optimizer optimizes program databases to save diskspace, memory and speed up the whole programm. Apps such as Itunes, Adobe Photoshop, Google Chrome, Firefox, Amazon Kindle, Windows 8.1 Apps, Skype and many more

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Mozilla Firefox Password Recovery 5.0.0: Mozilla Firefox Password Recovery Software

Mozilla Firefox Password Recovery 5.0.0

Firefox 3.5.x. * Recover stored passwords of Mozilla Firefox 3.6.x. * Recover stored passwords of Mozilla Firefox 4.0.x. * Recover stored passwords of Mozilla Firefox 5.0.x. * Decrypt passwords directly from Firefox registry * Recovers passwords entered in Web forms (AutoComplete entries) and Web sites passwords * Recover password from services like (gmail, facebook, hotmail, hi5 and others) instantly when are stored in the system * Allows to copy

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Search Engine Optimization 1.0: Search Engine Optimization Toolbar for Firefox.

Search Engine Optimization 1.0

Search Engine Optimization toolbar for Firefox. Find Search Engine Optimization (SEO) blogs, RSS feeds, and other optimization resources. Easily reach all of the Search Engine Optimization information you need to optimize your website directly from your browser toolbar.

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LastBit FireFox Password Recovery 1.0: FireFox Password is a tool to recover lost passwords for FireFox Web Browser.

LastBit FireFox Password Recovery 1.0

FireFox Password recovers FireFox Master Password and saved login passwords. To recover the Master Password, you have to use the universal password recovery methods, such as Brute Force Attack and Dictionary Attack. Once the Master Password is known, FireFox Password displays all the login information stored by FireFox. For each item, the URL, login name and password data will be displayed. Please note that only saved passwords will be shown.

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MyFireFox.co.uk screensaver 1.1: Show the world (or at least your office) that you`re using Mozilla FireFox

MyFireFox.co.uk screensaver 1.1

MyFireFox.co.uk is a freeware screensaver to show the world (or at least your office) that you`re using Mozilla FireFox. Promote Mozilla FireFox even when your not behind your computer! This screensaver has FireFox logos bouncing over your screen. If features a clock which can display the time or time elapsed since your screensaver started (Or hide it if you prefer). The screensaver is ready to go but most options are completely configurable.

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Firefox Password Recovery 1.7: Recover logins and passwords stored by FireFox and Thunderbird

Firefox Password Recovery 1.7

Firefox and Thunderbird, including the latest version Firefox 10. * Recover all Firefox saved passwords that includes FTP passwords, HTTP Authentication passwords, even from crashed computer. * Decrypt passwords protected with the Firefox Master Password. * Allow you to reset Firefox Master Password easily. * Recover email account passwords from Mozilla Thunderbird. * Reveal all your saved passwords from Firefox and Thunderbird, even if your Firefox

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